Kevin Jackman – Content Strategist

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my professional page, I appreciate your time. In short, I’m a former TV Sports Director, multimedia journalist, and content producer. Now I work as a content strategist and producer in digital marketing. Specifically, I’m in content generation with a heavy emphasis on search engine optimization for a wide-range of clients.

In the past few years my passion and energy shifted away from working in front of the camera and behind the mic. Leadership opportunities and embarking on creative content generation are where I find the most enjoyment. There is no greater feeling than leading a team effort to conceptualize and execute a project. I love working with people, exploring the uniqueness each individual brings to the table and fitting each puzzle piece together to form an efficient and dynamic team.

Personality and Core Philosophies

Leadership. There is no higher responsibility than inspiring and motivating people. Positivity, encouragement, and effective communication are essential when building rapport with my team members. In fact, effective communication is the nexus between opportunity and success; an infinitely powerful force. Genuinely listening to and understanding my colleagues proves effectual time and time again, whether in conflict resolution, performance reviews, or constructive criticism.

Creative Collaboration. Collaboration is a natural stimulant, stronger than a shot of espresso in an ice bath. Collaboration is a skill honed over many years and sharpened through every encounter with a unique personality. The ability to utilize and nurture distinct perspectives is rare. Fostering a sense of ownership over an idea for each individual with a seat at the table is key. Every idea has merit; every idea can be a stepping-stone to an even better concept.

Innovative Thinking. Foundational mastery over concepts and subject matters are vital before embarking on the endeavor of forward thinking. Pursuit of innovation is a continuously compelling motivator fueling my journey of self-education. A habitual need to over-prepare routinely results in producing next level ideas and spurs improvements in processes.

Experience. Working in just about every capacity across digital marketing agencies, radio newsrooms, TV stations, and digital content outlets helped me achieve one thing, if nothing else: the title of “jack of all trades, master of none”. However, lost over the years is the full quote: “a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one”. Perhaps the belief is self-serving, though I certainly hope not. I honestly believe an individual with a broad set of skills and critical thinking capabilities will achieve more and prove more valuable over time than a highly specialized mind.

Digital Marketing Agency – SEO Content Manager

Working in the SEO department at Lever Interactive, I’m actively growing my knowledge base while adding valuable new perspectives to creating content. Additionally, as part of the agency development’s internal marketing team I have played a vital role in developing new LinkedIn, website, and creative campaigns for the Lever brand. The following are additional responsibilities and results from my time at Lever.

  • Generate original research and data backed content for internal digital marketing agency blog and clients’ affiliated blogs and YouTube channels. Tripled traffic to internal blog (February 2021 vs. February 2022).
  • Perform on-page and content SEO for three primary clients in health care, travel, and manufacturing including product descriptions, reservation pages, and social media posts.
  • Conduct keyword research, gap analysis, and competitor analysis to inform content strategy. Produced immediate results for manufacturing client, raising average page rank three positions (23 to 20).
  • Conceptualize and execute social media calendar and blog content for travel client. Boosted social media engagement 93%, engagement rate 98%, and post link clicks 86% from Q3 to Q4.
  • Collaborate with agency development to generate new company web pages, copy and design. Aid in the formation of blog content calendar, LinkedIn strategy, and internal lead generation initiatives.

Television Station – Sports Director

I was employed at two wonderful stations in the Chicagoland Area working in a wide array of roles over the course of seven years. I finished my stint in broadcasting as the Director of Sports at NCTV17, overseeing a team of multimedia journalists. Together we produced highlights, feature stories, social media segments and a 30-minute show on a weekly basis. Our content generated over a million YouTube views a year. In addition to producing content, I spent years building a diverse skill set that includes social media calendar formulation and content strategy. I also managed the station’s largest client account, leading my team in the creative process through execution and dissemination. The following are additional responsibilities and results from my time at NCTV17.

  • Created digital marketing strategy for employer’s largest client from 2015 to the 2021. Executed targeted social media content campaign in 2019 – led to 54% view increase YoY (+19,000 views).
  • Led team of six multimedia journalists through creative process, from training to execution to dissemination. Resulted in an average of one million YouTube views per year.
  • Engaged with community, generated unique story leads, and assigned to reporters. Set high editorial standards, monitored work productivity, and provided constructive feedback.

Radio Station – Reporter and Anchor

I spent 6 yeas as a Sports Anchor and Reporter with WBBM Newsradio 780 and 105.9FM, an Audacy station. I was involved with the top station in Chicago, anchoring major events like the World Series, Super Bowl and Stanley Cup Playoffs. At WBBM I’ve had the privilege of working along side some of the titans in the Chicago broadcasting industry. I’ve also covered and produced content from major sporting events — including the 2020 NBA All-Star Game, as well as Chicago Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks games. While the content is mostly comprised of live radio hits and audio wraps for on-air use, I’ve also worked as an MMJ, using video and social media to round out coverage of these events. The following are additional responsibilities and results from my time at WBBM.

  • Created and executed succinct copy designed to inform target demographic through multiple distribution channels. Integrated traditional and contemporary content strategies, producing tailored experience based on medium.
  • Utilized audio and visual components to attract new consumers by means of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Identified interesting and relevant stories, shaped content, and presented in easy-to-consume package.

Academic Experience

I’m a graduate of North Central College, serving as the Web Content Director and Sports Director for two years as a sophomore and junior, and as Station Manager my senior year. I also helped organize and form the first multi-media student-run platform at the College, NCC Linked. My final two years were spent merging the resources previously separated between the newspaper, radio station and television program.

The Rest of Me

I’m originally from Glenview and graduated from Glenbrook South High School. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Broadcast Communication and Interactive Media Studies from North Central in 2014.

When not working my tail off, I like to spend my free time concocting new recipes in the kitchen, getting frustrated on the golf course and getting pummeled in fantasy sports.

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