NBA Fake Elite and True Elite

The Miami Heat’s losing streak has reached four games going into tonight’s melee with the Portland Trail Blazers. Over the past few days people have been talking about how the Hear are “soft” for sulking in the locker room. They have talked about their late game struggles closing out game. Finally the media has started to turn Dwayne Wade and Lebron James against each other despite their being any reason to believe that there is a rift between them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I truly dislike the Miami Heat. I think Lebron James is egotistical and self-centered. I also think Dwayne Wade is correct when he said “The Miami Heat are exactly what everyone wanted, losing games,” Wade said. “The world is better now because the Heat is losing (Yahoo! Sports).”

But let’s be real, these guys are friends, they played together on Olympic teams and All-Star teams, so Wade knew what was going to happen when James took his talents to South Beach and brought Chris Bosh with him.

There is only one question now: Is Dwayne Wade regretting not coming to Chicago to play along side an unselfish player in Derrick Rose, and playing for the BEST team in the EAST. Miami was Wade’s town. The Heat were Wade’s team. Both are no longer true. He used to be one of the more popular players in the league, but now he is just apart of the hated “big three 2.0”.

The Heat may have the most talented top three players in the league, but basketball is played with 5 players on the court, and the good teams have another cohesive 5 player unit behind their starters. For that reason, The Miami Heat are my fake elite team, and the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs are my true elite teams.

The Bulls and Spurs have a perfect balance of star power and role players, young guns and savvy veterans. The Bulls may have a vacant spot at the shooting guard position, but when you have Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver rotating into that spot late into games, that’s a match up nightmare for any team. For the Spurs, you don’t know who to guard on a given night. Ginobili, Parker, and Duncan are the “no-brainers” but with the emergence of Dejuan Blair, Gary Neal and the presence of Richard Jefferson, this team is deep and can beat you in all four quarters.

As of today, my NBA Finals favorites are the Chicago Bulls or Boston Celtics in the East, and the San Antonio Spurs or the Dallas Mavericks in the West.


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