Cinderellas with horns

The fact that VCU got to the Final Four is impressive enough, to do it while starting as a First Four is miraculous. There are a couple things this tells us.

  1. Anyone can win… ANYONE.
  2. Stop discriminating against non-major conferences, the “oh so powerful” Big East had 2 of 11 teams advance pass the round of 32.
  3. Give koudos to the underdogs, Butler especially, they’ve done it two years in a row!
  4. The selection committee doesn’t know anything when it comes to evaluating teams.
  5. Jay Bilas needs to bite his tongue and never say a single negative thing again–>

This tourney was fantastic. Thank god I was out of it early so I could sit back and enjoy watching the powerhouses fall to the small teams with passion, to the coaches who cry, and the fans that pack the stands and make just as much noise as a bigger university would. March Madness wouldn’t be the same without them.


2 responses to “Cinderellas with horns”

  1. Dude its all about the mid majors. I am very disappointed there has not been a detailed post about my dawgs. you should get on that. or just wait till the win the ship

  2. Tim Kreutzfeldt Avatar
    Tim Kreutzfeldt

    I think this year has more to do with a very level playing field more than it has to do with the selection committee doing a bad job. Outside of the top three seeds in every region, each game was basically up for grabs. That’s why VCU and Butler made it to the Final Four.

    Also, this season has lacked superstars. Kyrie Irving will be the first pick of the draft despite the fact that he missed the majority of the season. Meanwhile, Derrick Williams could very easily be drafted second overall despite not playing well until the end of the season. Talent has been severely lacking this year in the NCAA–so much so that NBA teams are scrambling to give away 2011 draft picks in favor of 2012 free agents.

    That’s the reason why upsets were so bountiful in the tournament this year, NOT because the committee did a bad job.

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