NFL Draft Experts? Ya, Okay… Ask Jake Locker

Written by Kevin Jackman

First let me start off by pointing out that Mel Kiper’s and Todd McShay’s draft boards have fluctuated more than stock prices on Wall Street. Next, let’s call to attention the fact that these guys continue to present themselves as the so-called “experts” that know who will and who won’t succeed in the NFL, as well as and the needs and wants of each franchise.

To be brutally honest- they flat-out do not.

How is it that Jake Locker could be the consensus number one pick entering last year’s draft and now he seems to be fighting to simply be drafted on the first day?

Because these analyst are machines, machines that don’t take variables into consideration. College stats and combine times do not equate to NFL success. Some guys in college are surrounded by very talented teammates who boost their stock. Others, like Locker, are on teams with very little talent and the pressure to win and maintain a high level of production is almost impossible. So here is what I am saying:

Jake Locker (2010)=Cam Newton(2011)

Which only means one thing- Jake Locker could be an extremely valuable, talented pick in the second round for one of the dozen teams that are quarterback starved right now. Maybe teams should draft offensive lineman in the first round to help protect the guy in the red jersey. If a team with a veteran quarterback and a solid offensive system were to take Locker, he could blossom into a huge pro player in a few years. Just look at Aaron Rodgers. To me, they are virtually the same quarterback, Locker just stayed in college one year to long.

So take that Todd and Mel.


2 responses to “NFL Draft Experts? Ya, Okay… Ask Jake Locker”

  1. 1. Todd McShay’s and Mel Kiper’s boards fluctuate so much because draft positions depend on how well a player does in pro tryouts. If a highly notable player does not perform in the senior bowl and/or pro work outs…his stock is obviously going to drop.
    2. Jake Locker can go from a consensus number one pick to a 2nd round pick because his senior season was absolutely brutal. His passing yardage decreased 600 yards in a year that was stricken by injury and an unbelievably underachieving Washington Huskie team who was supposed to contend for the Pac-10 title. A terrible senior year + a terrible senior bowl + terrible pro work outs=a drop in stock.
    3. Jake Locker will never be substantially close to Cam Newton. Even if we looked at Locker’s junior, consensus number one year, he had 8% worse completion percentage, 9 less touchdowns, 4 more interceptions, 1 less heisman trophy, 1 less conference championship, and 1 less national championship. Dont ever compare these two again. I didn’t even bring up the fact that Cam Newton is arguably the greatest athlete to come out of college football or that he plays in an exponentially more competitive conference, the SEC.
    4. Aaron Rodgers and Jake Locker are even further than Newton and Locker. Yes, they both have similar styles of having some mobility and passing outside the pocket, but Jake Locker has proven nothing, ever. Not only was Aaron Rodgers the actual number 1 pick, not a possible 2009 number 1 pick, but he also had flat out better numbers in the Pac-10, when it was known for defense. If Locker ever stepped foot on the same field as the 2004 USC Trojans, he would shit a brick, unlike Aaron Rodgers who delivered the only scare of the Trojans’ perfect season. Not to mention, Jake Locker will never have the opportunity to grow for 4 seasons under arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, Brett Favre. Oh yeah..that whole super bowl thing too..

  2. Andy Dalton is more talented than Jake Locker, look where he took TCU’s offense this year

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