Barry Bonds, the New Kind of Criminal

 Written by Kevin Jackman

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Barry Bonds, the New Kind of Criminal

Barry Bonds has finally been convicted. So that means it can all be over now, right?


Bonds was convicted on the lightest charge possible, evading a question, not necessarily lying like they intended to nail him on. Basically, this means that the federal prosecution spent more than eight years trying to make Bonds the poster child of the steroid era by putting him behind bars, and if they stop now, the most likely scenario is for Bonds to receive a fine and some community service.

This is not an acceptable outcome for the Feds who spent an enormous amount of time and resources to put him away for lying about taking steroids.

Sounds like a great use of government resources to me!

I think it’s great though. Why?… Because Barry Bonds deserves to be behind bars just as much as he deserves to be in Cooperstown. He should never have been in front of a Grand Jury anyways. Yes, he took steroids. Yes, he probably knew what was being injected in his gluteus maximus. But he has paid the ultimate price an athlete can pay, he has been absolutely defamed. All of his accomplishments will forever be marked by an asterisk and seen just as illegitimate as his testimony.  

Now it is time for Bonds to give his friend Greg Anderson some love for taking his time in jail to keep Barry out of it. For a guy whose reputation is as bad as Anderson, he deserves some credit for keeping his mouth shut, taking the punishment for it, and being a great friend to Bonds.

Having said all of that, my prediction is that this is not over yet. The federal prosecution has been embarrassed, not to mention that one of the charges that was deadlocked came out to be an 11-1 outcome. I see the government continue to pursue this case until they finally succeed.

The fat lady just hasn’t sung yet.


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