Chicago Shenanigans

Written by Kevin Jackman


In a time when Chicago should be buzzing with exciting news from the Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs and White Sox, how sad is it that only one team is thriving. Thankfully the Bulls provide enough energy to power Chi-town all by themselves.

Fresh off capping the regular season with an improbably conclusion by taking the league’s best record from the grasps of the San Antonio Spurs, the Bulls didn’t waste any time providing even more 11th hour dramatics in their first playoff game of 2011.

If you missed the first 45 minutes of the game, don’t fret it, as long as you caught the last three your good. That’s just how basketball as a whole generally operates. I mean, let’s face it- it doesn’t matter who is leading through the first three quarters because 90% of the time it ends up being close or tied down the stretch. The Bulls have embraced this ultimate reality and have perfected how to take advantage of it.

Case in point comes in the fourth quarter as C.J. Watson was on the court until six minutes to go in the game, allowing THE Derrick Rose to come in fresh to dominate the tired legs of Darren Collison or whoever else attempted to stay in front of him.  Obviously, you don’t like trailing the entire game, but as long as your best three minutes come at the end of the game, you should win. Especially with locked in MVP winner Rose at the helm, I don’t see the Bulls dropping a single game in this opening round.

The Pacers aren’t even all the bad either. I would say they are one piece away from being a legitimate team. Danny Granger is a very good scorer, Collison is an underrated point guard and the surprise tandem of Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough have proven to be an effective lineup.

 The Bulls just have too many weapons. They don’t rely on the three ball. They have an inside-out offensive attack. Not to mention a lock down defense dictated by mastermind, Tim Thibodeau.

I don’t care who wins the Orlando-Atlanta series, I am already looking forward to meeting the Heat in the Conference Finals and the Thunder with the Championship on the line.

Hey Cubs or White Sox, how about you learn how to win like the Bulls so we can be excited by the thrill of a NFL, NBA and MLB playoff push.

Ok- greedy yes, but it’s possible…


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