All Hail Hillis

Written by Kevin Jackman


This is a debate for the ages. One that should be contemplated thoroughly and with much deliberation. It will drastically change our perception of our reality and the fragile world of sports. It will be known as the “Great Decision of 2011”. What we are faced with is an insurmountable task of picking between Cleveland running back Peyton Hillis and Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick for the cover of Madden 12′.

O dear…. how did it even come down to this?

To much of a surprise, this actually is an interesting dilemma for EA Sports. On one hand, Peyton Hillis is a one year wonder at this point and could no doubt tarnish the reputation of the prestigious honor of being on Madden’s cover. But on the other, we all know about Vick’s shady past that could equally damage EA’s image.

There is no doubt that Vick’s on field performance qualifies him to be on the cover, his comeback was remarkable, even drawing some MVP discussions his way. But there is no doubt the EA Sports would face repercussions from having a former convict gracing its most popular game.

The fans have done a terrible job voting this far, I just want to point that out. Aaron Rodgers should be the one facing Vick, but unfortunately he’s not.

So I’ll leave this up to you- who should be on the cover, Vick or Hillis?

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