Sorry Chicago, Scottie for Once Needs to GO

      Written by Bobby Mette

      Twitter- @kjackmansports,

      Scottie Pippen earned his way into the hearts of Chicago Bulls fans back in the “Jordan Era”, and now he finds himself back in Chicago as a color commentator for the first round of the playoff games. You can only help to imagine that the only reason he is back now rather than a year ago is because the Bulls’ championship hopes are as great as they used to be in the ‘90s.

      However, he should NOT be on the broadcasting crew. Yes, he may be a legend and know a lot about the game, but he has no experience. Ok, sorry, he did one game back in March. After watching the first four games of the opening series against Indiana, he seems to be more negative than positive. He wants to get the message out that the team he played on is the best Chicago will ever see. This may be the case, but that does not matter.

      What does matter is that the Bulls are the best team in the NBA and have a legitimate shot at winning it all. Everyone on the news keeps saying, “I just hope that Chicago is appreciating what this kid (Rose obviously) is doing right now.” Um, I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Chicago knows exactly what “this kid” is doing right now: he is leading the Bulls back to the glory days, but luckily, all we get to here now is Scottie talk them down.

      Neil Funk is a great play-by-play man, and Stacey King gives a great impression of the late Ron Santo’s cheerleading skills. These two were great all year long, and out of the blue, Scottie Pippen joins the crew. After the first round (knock on wood), Comcast SportsNet will not have rights to broadcast the rest of the playoffs, so one more win for the Bulls and you won’t have to listen to me bash your hero anymore.

      Scottie, you would make a fine head coach someday for the Bulls, but for now, stay in the crowd.


One response to “Sorry Chicago, Scottie for Once Needs to GO”

  1. His Royal Highness Avatar
    His Royal Highness

    Maybe Pippen just needs a good broadcasting teacher?

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