Scottie Pippen and the Revenge of the Sidekick to the NBA’s All-time Greatest

By Kevin Jackman, Join us on Twitter- @kjackmansports or at

Scottie Pippen said that Lebron James could be better than Michael Jordan…come on Scottie, even you are jumping on the band wagon after the Miami Heat‘s victory of the Chicago Bulls?

Now there are two ways to look at this:

1) Pippen really does believe that James can be better and is willing to diminish his legendary status in Chicago to say it; or

2) Scottie is feeling some resentment towards the fact that Michael Jordan and now Derrick Rose have appeared to superseded him in popularity by Bulls fans in the Chicago-land area.

I am leaning towards believing it is a combination of the two…

Pippen has been on Chicago SportsNet with Neil Funk and Stacy King, and while it was nice at first to hear his opinion, it became tiring after a while listening to him continuously knock on this current group of players. It was as if he felt jealous of Rose and the Bull Rush that has taken Chicago by storm.

Here is what I recommend for Pippen to do next—follow Steve Bartman’s example, move to South Beach and join Lebron’s posse, because if he keeps making those kinds of comments, Chicago fans are going to turn against him in a hurry.

But now the real question: Can Lebron be better than Michael?


James has proven that he can’t win with an average NBA supporting cast, and while Jordan had Pippen, Lebron now has Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. On top of that, Jordan scored at will from any place on the court at any time, I just don’t see that from James at this point.

Lebron goes through stretching of ineffectiveness brought on by either concentration lapses or a lock down defenseman.

I think Lebron certainly possesses the attributes to be on of the all-time greats, but his reputation really took a hit when he took his talents to South Beach.

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