Murderer’s Row 2.0- Cowhey Style

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Jackman Sports was wondering what the best possible lineup the Major Leagues could have ever produced, so we turned to Tommy Cowhey for his opinion on some of the all-time greats, and the ultimate lineup.
1 – Rickey Henderson RF
2 – Rogers Hornsby 2B
3 – Stan Musial LF
4 – Albert Pujols 1B
5 – Ted Williams DH
6 – Willie Mays CF
7 – George Brett 3B
8 – Johnny Bench C
9 – Honus Wagner SS
I don’t consider Rickey Henderson one of the top 3 outfielders of all time, but he is the best lead-off man ever so I had to put him there. It was tough to leave out the likes of Lou Gehrig, Roberto Clemente, Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey Jr., Ty Cobb, and Mickey Mantle, but personally I think these guys would make the most formidable lineup.
My toughest decision was Stan Musial over Babe Ruth. I think Musial put up just as impressive numbers in a tougher pitching era. Also, I think Ruth played on a better team which helped his numbers. Musial also had, oh I don’t know, about 800 more hits, which is why I’m putting him at the 3 spot.
Joe DiMaggio is overrated. His hit streak is hardly legitimate, and while his numbers are great, they’re still not at as good as the other guys in my lineup. Plus he wasn’t that great with the glove, and he doesn’t fit that well in my lineup. He’s not that fast, I have better contact hitters, and he doesn’t have that much power.
Pete Rose is a good pick, but again he wasn’t fantastic with the glove. Also, he has so many hits because he played FOREVER. He also has the most at bats and plate appearances ever. His average is only slightly above .300 and he was not a good power hitter nor was he fast.
In the pen I’d have Mariano Rivera as my closer and Eric Gagne and Dennis Eckersley as middle relievers.
Written by Tommy Cowhey

2 responses to “Murderer’s Row 2.0- Cowhey Style”

  1. Someone who actually knows something about baseball history Avatar
    Someone who actually knows something about baseball history

    You lose all credibility with a few of your comments:

    1) Joe DiMaggio is one of the best fielding center fielders ever, and you say “he wasn’t that great with the glove.”

    2) Joe DiMaggio is one of the greatest contact hitters of all time, easily better than anyone in your lineup (with the exception of Hornsby), and you try and claim that he’s not a great contact hitter. The guy never struck out more than 40 times in a season.

    3) You are obviously leaving Bonds, Rodriguez, and others off the list for steroid use – but inexplicably include Eric Gagne in your bullpen, a guy whose only real value was a 1.5 year stretch fueled entirely by steroid use.

    4) You claim Pete Rose “wasn’t fantastic with the glove” when he won 2 gold gloves, was considered a very good fielding outfielder, and made the all-star game at 4 different positions during his career.

    5) Stop stressing the importance of fielding when you include Rogers Hornsby, one of the all time worst fielding middle infielders ever, in your lineup

    Maybe you should just stick to basketball articles.

  2. Ethan Spalding Avatar
    Ethan Spalding

    Babe Ruth is the best player, at any position. Look at any stat; he is undeniably the greatest hitter to walk the Earth. He was hitting 60 Homeruns when the league around him was fielding teams who hit less than that. His career triple slash line was .342/.474/.690, and no one outside of Barry Bonds is close to that. I understand snubbing Bonds because of drugs, but there is a reason people describe a great season as “Ruthian” and not “Musialian”

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