Mission Impossible: Defending a Championship


Written by Kevin Jackman

The fight for the Dallas Mavericks’ to repeat has already begun as assistant coach, Dwane Casey, has already found a new gig only a week after winning an NBA title. In an age of sports where players and coaches become increasingly interchangeable, movement is at an all-time high. For defending champions, it is even more difficult to retain their assets. Whether it’s an increase in player saleries, formidible coaches moving else where, or a combination of the both, the obstacles extend much farther than just the next season’s opponents.

Casey has been tagged as the Toronto Raptors’ next head coach, taking over after a miserable attempt by Jay Triano. For the Raptors, this is simply a change of philosophy as they try and recover from the departure of Chris Bosh. But for the Mavs, even though Casey may not have had a premier role in their championship run, it has started the fight to repeat.

With a roster that may soon be members of AARP and the looming free agency of Caron Butler and Tyson Chandler, Dallas already faces a steeper climb back to the title game than most defending champs. With Casey’s departure, hopefully the Mavs will use it as a warning shot and make sure they secure the remaining peices in question.

Dallas had a great year, and won with the utmost respect for the rest of the league (except DeShawn Stevenson that is). It would be ashame that their season is lost before it even begins, that is if the pending CBA agreement doesn’t affect the 2011-2012 season.

So let’s go Mark Cuban, get em’ all signed up and go kick the Heat’s butts again!

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