Jackman Sports Fantasy Football Pre-Draft Thoughts

The news coming out today on consensus top three pick, Arian Foster, has not been the kind fantasy owner like to hear this time of year. After tweeting a picture of his injured hamstring, the doubt around his week one status has shot through the roof. Not only was I skeptical of another elite season from Foster before training camp, the news that he may be missing games has caused me to drop him in my ‘do not draft’ list (unless he makes it to the second round of course).  That will make my top five look like this- Petersen, Charles, Rice, C. Johnson, Jones-Drew. While you need your first pick to carry a large load for your team- other major contributors can be found in the later rounds or free agent wire. With that in mind, I prefer picking the safe players in the first round rather than the boom or bust kinds.

Next is my case for picking a quarterback in the first round. First let’s look at the top 7 contributors in Yahoo! Fantasy sports last year- in the top spot was Arian Foster, however, the next six spots are all quarterbacks. Not only are they sure fire bets to finish with a butt load of points but they are also less susceptible to injuries. There should be no hesitation if you find yourself with the choice between Aaron Rodgers and Michael Turner- go for Rodgers.

Finally, don’t be that jerk that makes fun of someone who selects a kicker or defense in the 7th round- because that’s probably going to be me. I would rather have the top defense and kicker than have the best fourth running back in the league.

Check back later to find the results and analysis of the draft. It will be tonight at 7:30 CT.

One response to “Jackman Sports Fantasy Football Pre-Draft Thoughts”

  1. 2 things:
    1.) how can you say you want a safe pick with foster, and put jones-drew and chris johnson in your top 5? Right now, foster has a much better outlook to start game 1 than johnson. Jones-Drew is coming off surgery and he has a bunch of question marks.
    2.) I WILL be the jerk and laugh at anyone who drafts a defense or kicker in the 7th round. Those are the rounds where you snag a running back that either takes over as the top back on his team, or just explodes out of nowhere. Last year, Foster, McCoy, and Bradshaw were all drafted outside the first 5 rounds on average and all finished among the top 15 overall, not to mention two in the top 5. Go ahead and draft Mason Crosby because I will draft Robbie Gould and have 20 less fantasy points spread out among 16 weeks while my running back I draft could be the next Foster, which in the end will carry my team like Foster did last year!

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