Pickin’ it and Winnin’ it- Mette’s NFL Week 1 Predictions

Saints over Packers– Falcons and Packers are the early NFC Super Bowl favorites; Brees and the gang surprise the nation at Lambeau on Opening Night

Bears over Falcons– Can’t go against DA Bears at home; Cutler beautifully avoids all the off-season criticism, while Turner is shut down

Chiefs over Bills- Jamaal Charles ain’t as good as last year, but still a huge contributor to the offense

Bengals over Browns– Dalton shows why the preseason doesn’t mean anything, and the Bengals surprisingly manage without Benson and Palmer

Bucs over Lions– Lions gaining way too much hype this year; they’ll need to win as many as possible before Stafford gets taken out, but not this week as Freeman leads team to victory

Titans over Jaguars– Garrard leaving and MJD’s question marks bad signs here; Hasselbeck wins first start with Fisher-less Titans

Texans over Colts– No Manning = No win for the Colts; still have a lot of weapons, but this could be the year for the Texans to make the playoffs

Eagles over Rams– Rams lose the game in the fourth quarter lead by ROY Sam Bradford; Eagles lose division to the Boys

Steelers over Ravens– Another classic AFC North Showdown between these two comes down to the end with Big Ben in the clutch

Chargers over Vikings– Chargers are the team to beat this year in the AFC; they finally put it together and demolish McNabb and Co.

Giants over Redskins– Eli shows why he belongs all year long; Redskins still far away in stacked division

Cardinals over Panthers– Somewhat decent QB throwing to the best receiver in the game against a rookie QB? Yeah, I’ll take the odds with the Cards

49ers over Seahawks– Jackson doesn’t get anything going; Frank Gore shows why he’s a top 5 running back against stellar defense

Cowboys over Jets– Romo is my #5 ranked QB; the obnoxious Rex Ryan loses to his brother along with a couple Plaxico Burress dropped passes

Patriots over Dolphins– Not much to say here; Patriots roll over the Fins, who show what they plan on doing with Bush and Thomas in the backfield

Broncos over Raiders– Orton or Tebow, I like the Broncos in this one; Defense improves with addition of Von Miller

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