Pickin’ it and Winnin’ it- Jackman’s NFL Week 1 Predictions, Brady to Shine on Mon Night

Kevin Jackman’s week one picks to win

New Orleans vs. Green Bay: Too many offensive weapons now that Finley and Grant are healthy; Clay Matthews is still a monster.

Atlanta vs. Chicago: New wideout, Julio Jones, will make it hard for the Bear’s Cover 2 defense to shut down both the run game and aerial attack. 

Cincinnati vs. Cleveland: Peyton Hillis has proven he can carry the Browns, while Cedric Benson has only proved he can help mop up floors.

Buffalo vs. Kansas City: One of the few upsets of week one in which Harvard grad, Ryan Fitzpatrick outsmart Tamba Hali and the Chief D.

Philadelphia vs. St. Louis: I wanted to pick the Rams in this one but the Eagle offense has too many explosive weapons for St. Louis to contain.

Detroit vs. Tampa Bay: The Bucs look clunky on offense and old on defense, meanwhile, Matthew Stafford is absolutely tearing up defenses with some help from Megatron.

Tennessee vs. Jacksonville: This is a semi-upset due to the fact that the Titans are favored but the Jags are at home and without starting QB Garrard (cut). Mo-Jo Drew carries them to win.. FANTASY!

Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore: The Ravens get revenge for last year’s playoff loss and Joe Flacco temporarily gets the monkeys of his back that say he can’t win a big game.

Indianapolis vs. Houston: The Colts are still a 9 or 10 win team but if Foster plays and the Texan defense plays like it looks on paper, Houston wins big.

New York (N) vs. Washington: I physically and mentally cannot predict Rex Grossman winning a game in which he starts, so by process of elimination, Giants win.

Seattle vs. San Francisco: Seattle has a terrible offensive line and an equally bad quarterback, at least the 49ers have a solid running back and defense.

Minnesota vs. San Diego: Phillips River is better than Eli Manning, and will take a step forward this year by being the best pure passing quarterback in the league.

Carolina vs. Arizona: The Cardinals made the right moves this off-season and filled a gaping hole at quarterback, but will Kevin Kolb live up to the hype? He will against the Panthers

Dallas vs. New York (A): I do not like this Jets team and the way they have reconfigured their offense. Tomlinson is older and so is Plax. Felix Jones could have a big game.

New England vs. Miami: How can you go against a team that threw only four interceptions all of last year? Not to mention their acquisitions of Haynesworth and Ochocinco.

Oakland vs. Denver: The Raiders have two running backs that can put up big numbers while the Broncos struggles all last year trying to stop the run, Oakland wins big time on Monday night.

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