Bob’s Week Two Picks; Baltimore Makes Statement in AFC

Bob’s week one record: 8-8

Bob’s week two picks:

Raiders at Bills- Bills are this year’s fluke team; there time to shine is over; McFadden steals the show from Harvard grad Fitzpatrick

Bears at Saints- DA BEARS destroyed last year’s top NFC team; if the O-line gives Cutler as much protection as last game, Bears could be 2-0 headed to the GB showdown

Browns at Colts– Collins gets his head together after one awful week; it’s not a pretty one, but the Colts come out on top due to their number of weapons

Chiefs at Lions– The Lions could very well make the playoffs as long as Stafford stays healthy; they’ll roll all over the Chiefs

Packers at Panthers- The Pack will show Newton what it’s like to play against a true defense

Ravens at Titans- Ravens upset Pitt last week and no one was talking about them; they could be a Super Bowl sleeper this year

Bucs at Vikings- McNabb throws for more yards than AP runs this game, but still not enough

Jaguars at Jets– Jets don’t have to come back in this one, cruise to a convincing win after last week’s poor showing

Cardinals at Redskins- “Sexy Rexy?”- yeah right; Kolb adjusts to the offense and Arizona shows why they can contend for the NFC West crown again

Seahawks at Steelers– Pitt’s a good team; whatever they did wrong last week, they’ll fix and put an end to the criticism

Cowboys at 49ers- Romo rebounds after a poor finish to last week’s Sunday Night opener

Bengals at Broncos– Tebow taking over after 1 bad Orton start? I don’t think so; Orton leads Broncos to victory over a possible Dalton-less Bengals team

Texans at Dolphins- Texans looked great, and might have beaten Indy last week even with Manning; Houston takes division by storm

Chargers at Patriots– Great showdown between 2 AFC Super Bowl candidates; Brady doesn’t throw for 500 this game, but he still shows why he has taken over from Manning as the #1 QB; he knows how to win

Eagles at Falcons– Upset of the week; I don’t really know how ATL can be an upset, but they are the underdogs in this one, which means a return to 2010 form

Rams at Giants– Too many injuries for the Rams leads to the first of not too many wins for the G-Men

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