Pickin’ It and Winnin’ It: Jackman’s Week Two Predictions, Vick’s Not-So-Sweet Return

Kevin Jackman’s week one record: 12-4

Week two forecast:

Oakland vs. Buffalo: The Bills put the hurt on the Chiefs and showed they are no longer a pushover; Raiders just squeaked by a very bad Denver team.

Kansas City vs. Detroit: Tamba Hali should provide enough pressure on Matthew Stafford to derail him, meanwhile, Matt Cassel has a bounce back game.

Baltimore vs. Tennessee: Ravens looked like they were in mid-season form and should bottle up Chris Johnson and the Titans’ offense

Cleveland vs. Indianapolis: Joseph Addai and Donald Brown run for more the 120 combined yards and the Colts prevail for their first win without Peyton.

Tampa Bay vs. Minnesota: Josh Freeman is too good to allow his team to lose their first two games. Mike Williams has a big game versus overrated Viking secondary.

Chicago vs. New Orleans: I picked the Falcons to beat the Bears last week and Chicago won, so I feel the need to keep it going.

Jacksonville vs. Jets: Don’t be surprised if this is another low scoring, close-to-the-end ballgame with Mark Sanchez winning it in the fourth quarter. It’s just the way they do things.

Seattle vs. Pittsburgh: I would not want to face the Steelers after they got trounced by their sworn enemy in Baltimore. Seattle get destroyed in this one.

Arizona vs. Washington: Kevin Kolb is a much smarter passer than Rex Grossman and the Cardinals have an overall better team.

Green Bay vs. Carolina: I am feeling a major upset coming for the defending champs as they will be looking ahead towards their week three matchup with the Bears.

Dallas vs. San Francisco: Tony Romo could sit out the fourth quarter and Cowboys should still win over the 49ers comfortably. Frank Gore must step up for San Fran.

Cincinnati vs. Denver: I’m skeptical that Andy Dalton will be ready for this game, and even if he is, will the wrist be healthy enough? I don’t think so. Kyle Orton shuts those stupid fans up in Denver.

Houston vs. Miami: Arian Foster will participate in this game, as will Ben Tate which equates to a Texan’s win. Dolphins D gets shredded.

San Diego vs. New England: Ochocinco gets redemption and the Chargers continue their awful performance in New England, 1-9 in their last 10 games visiting the Pats’.

Philadelphia vs. Atlanta: The Falcons prove they are a top-three team in the NFC and will beat the Eagles by no less than 10 points. Vick has a sub-par performance on Sunday night.

St. Louis vs. New York (N): Bradford comes back and carries the Rams to a win depite S-Jax standing on the sideline. G-Men are in for a long season.

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