Wam Bam Hello Cam!


Patriots at Bills- Bills upset? I don’t think so. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Tom Brady knows how to win, and the Pats will show who the Bills really are.


49ers at Bengals- ‘9ers defense is the difference in this one. Forcing turnovers and using Gore to finish is what they’re known for, which is how they win this boring matchup.


Dolphins at Browns– Two average teams square off. Not much going on here, but the home team wins while Peyton Hillis shows why the Madden curse does not exist!


Broncos at Titans– Took care of Baltimore last week, and will do the same this week at home against the most controversial team in football


Lions at Vikings- Wow. This team is going to be fun to watch as long as Stafford can stay healthy. Excited to see them play against a more competitive team, but for now, they’re just enjoying the new year.


Texans at Saints– The Superdome played a key role in the thrashing of the Bears last week, and it will have an impact again as Brees and the gang control the tempo with the big play.


Giants at Eagles- What a surprise! Vick is playing. G-men make way too many mistakes to come out on top.


Jaguars at Panthers- Cam gets his first career win as the Panthers use their running game more to develop a more balanced offense.


Chiefs at Chargers- Chiefs lose their only hope in Charles, which means SD runs away with the division early, and this game will depict just that.


Jets at Raiders- Could be a close one, but the Jets always find a way to squeeze out wins. They keep pace with the Pats as Plax gets back on the board.


Ravens at Rams- My team from last week failed me, but Baltimore is more of a veteran team that knows how to rebound from tough losses.


Falcons at Bucs- Great showing for Matt Ryan and the Falcons last week against Philly. I think they still would have won if Vick didn’t get taken out. Not a tough pick here. ATL is just more explosive and finishes drives.


Packers at Bears- Risky? Yes. Biased? Of course. Game at Soldier Field? Yes, which means the Bears can beat anyone in the Windy City. Oh and defending the NFC North crown will be a major part of this one.


Cardinals at Seahawks- Kolb and Fitz clicked last week. Larry has more receptions against Seattle than any other team. Expect a big one from AZ’s offense.


Steelers at Colts- It’s hard to believe the Colts’ offense could be that bad with all of those weapons, but the QB is the most important position, which means Pitt rolls all day


Redskins at Cowboys- Romo or Cutler as the most criticized QB in the league? Tony takes care of this NFC East matchup, and puts the ‘Boys back on the crazy “analysts” hot list


Written By: Bobby Mette

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