Week 8: Pickin’ It and Winnin’ It

Easy call, the Ravens are the superior team, so long as Flacco just has to manage the game. Baltimore Arizona at Baltimore Baltimore Flacco really needs to start picking it up to stick with Pitt, but luckily for them Arizona doesn’t have Josh Scobee
A battle between two bad teams. At least Newton has shown he is able to close out games, Ponder couldn’t finish last week. Carolina Minnesota at Carolina Carolina Ponder or Cam? Vikes have lost a bunch of close ones, but they have also gotten blown out a bunch, and this will be another
I have a feeling that Gabbert and Mo-Jo will carry the Jags over the Texans Jacksonville Jacksonville at Houston Houston Houston might be the most inconsistent team in the league. One week, they look great, and another they play like David Carr is their QB. Jax just doesn’t play like last week against Baltimore
Miami is terrible and their season won’t get any better today against the Giants New York (N) Miami at New York Giants New York (N) And now for our last winless team… they, too, will remain with a goose egg in the win column after Super Mario starts playing like he should
No Sam Bradford, and even if they had him, this wouldn’t even be a close call. New Orleans New Orleans at St. Louis New Orleans Ram along w/ the Colts remain winless and get torn apart by the Saints but don’t give up 62 points like Indy last week…
Painter gets his first win of the season over the very inconsistent Titans. Indianapolis Indianapolis at Tennessee Tennessee We thought Hasselbeck was rollin’, but then he got shut down. Still hate the Colts w/out you-know-who
Tebow shockes a Detroit defense that is usually very good. Stafford struggles withouth Best. Denver Detroit at Denver Detroit I seriously almost picked Denver, but they had to come back to beat MIAMI! Tebow has heart, and I like him a hell of a lot more than analysts. Maybe a win here, and they too jump on his bandwagon. Stafford playing=win
Redskins are terrible, even if John Beck plays well. They were overhyped and now we can tell. Buffalo Washington at Buffalo Buffalo I like John Beck more than Grossman, but not enough to be the Harvard grad. Freddy Jackson runs all day, but is NOT the best back in the league like some analysts are saying
I will not pick Seattle. Cincinnati Cincinnati at Seattle Cincinnati Dalton has looked above average so far, and wins against a very poor Seattle team
San Francisco is the best defensive team in the west and Cleveland is terrible offensively. San Francisco Cleveland at San Francisco San Francisco that 9er defense sure has been something; they are just runnin’ away w/ that division
Tom Brady against Ben Roethilisberger… it’s a tossup but I’ll go with Brady today. New England New England at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh GAME OF THE WEEK! Toughest pick by far; Big Ben has been dominating as of late, and he picks apart the last ranked NE pass defense
Vick destroys the Cowboys and coach Ryan’s defense. Romo doesn’t have a chance to blwo it in 4th quarter Philadelphia Dallas at Philadelphia Dallas I wanted to pick Philly because they are a lot better than their record, but until they stop playing selfish football, I like Dallas all day
A huge game for the Chiefs in their case to win the west. I think they come out victorious. Kansas City San Diego at Kansas City San Diego Another awful MNF game; Chargers show why KC should never have won the AFC West crown last year

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