Week 9: Pickin’ it and Winnin’ it, Bears on MNF

The Jets’ defense just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Fitz exposes it and F-Jackson goes off for a big game. Bills Bills at Jets Jets New York is the downright better team. They show why the division is between them and NE.
Cowboys need to and will win this game against a terrible offensive team. Cowboys Seahawks at Cowboys Cowboys Well Dallas sure did not look too good against Philly, but Seattle should play at a much slower pace. Romo plays well when there’s not much pressure. If they lose, the pressure will only build from there.
Easy pick. Colts just cannot win, even if they are leading in the fourth quarter. Falcons Falcons at Colts Falcons ATL gets thing figured out after the bye week. Second half starts with a bang against Indy.
See above explanation. Same goes for the Dolphins. Chiefs Dolphins at Chiefs Chiefs KC has surprised me with how well they’ve played after losing Charles. Miami has a couple of “individuals” (Marshall and Bush) on their team.
I don’t think the Bucs have the offensive fire power to keep up with the Saints, and certainly don’t have the defense to stop them. Saints Bucs at Saints Saints New Orleans gets revenge after an embarrassing loss to STL last week by beating a team that snuck out a win in their previous meeting. The difference this time is that this one’s in the Superdome…
Redskins were overhyped and now we see slip even further under .500.  49ers 49ers at Redskins 49ers Still don’t think San Fran is a top team in the NFC, but they are hands down the best in the NFC West. Washington will not be a problem.
Browns are scoring 12 points a game over their last five games. Texans could do that in their sleep. Texans Browns at Texans Texans Houston might be the “worst” first place team, but they’re good enough to take down the RB-depleted Browns.
I think the Bengals are favored but I like the Titans because they are a little more physical on the lines. Titans Bengals at Titans Titans Two average teams in this one. Two running backs who like to be in the news square off. Benson gets the better of CJ, but Tennessee comes out with the W.
Broncos are awful. Carson Palmer should take Tim Tebow to school. Raiders Broncos at Raiders Raiders How can you pick Denver after Tebow’s performance last week? Oakland will most likely be without McFadden, but they should still get the job done.
Another upset over the Patriots? I think so… Giants Giants at Patriots Patriots Eli has backed up his comments about being a top 5 quarterback, but the problem is that he’s facing a top 2 QB. Brady stays hot at home.
Battle of the Bad. At least the Rams will have their starting quarterback. Rams Rams at Cardinals Rams Bradford is back, and Kolb is out. The Rams are a good team. Too bad they got off to a bad start. They win this game, but look more towards next year.
Chargers are at home with their offense fairly health. Phillip Rivers breaks out with a huge game!! Chargers Packers at Chargers Packers Green Bay almost lost to Carolina and Minnesota earlier this year. If they let SD stick around, they could actually lose. This time, they keep up the high-flying offense throughout and don’t slow down.
Ravens destroyed the Steelers Week 1. It will be a lot closer this week, but I believe in Flacco. Ravens Ravens at Steelers Steelers Pitt is back, and there’s not doubt in my mind that they redeem themselves after getting spanked by Baltimore earlier this year. Flacco has been a huge disappointment.
DAAAAAA BEARS. Bears Bears at Eagles Bears Great game to cap off the week of football. I have to go with my heart on this one, not my brain. Philly looked as good as anyone last week, but this is a must win for DA BEARS! Forte and McCoy = showdown of the week

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