Miami Heat: A Conflicted Team

Washington Wizards v/s Miami Heat December 18,...
Washington Wizards v/s Miami Heat December 18, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the moments following the Indiana Pacers’ 78-75 victory over the Miami Heat, a game of physical play and more missed shots then a middle school shoot around, the Pacers celebrated their hard-fought win with some hollering and chest pounding. There were no over the top celebrations, no taunting or teasing, but to make sure there would be no extra motivation for the Heat in game three, David West forcefully escorted his team off the floor.

Except that didn’t stop Dwyane Wade from acting like a pouting child in his post-game news conference. Apparently, Wade doesn’t believe in being happy after a post-season win over the best team remaining in the Eastern Conference.

Because if any one person knows when the appropriate times are to celebrate, it would be Dwyane Wade.

That wasn’t even Wade’s worst moment of the night- that honor would go to this little gem. I mean- we all talk about LeBron going to the NFL, but it looks like Wade might be making his case to be the next John Lynch. Talk about an unnecessary foul, if Wade wasn’t a super-star, he most likely would have been ejected from the game and facing a possible suspension. 

Now I’m not a huge Wade hater, but it’s nights like those that really make me despise everyone on the Heat, especially Dwyane.

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