Lethargic Lakers losing more than games

Mike Brown

Phil Jackson, an NBA coach with 9 championship...
Phil Jackson, an NBA coach with 9 championships, of the Los Angeles Lakers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 1-4 start is exactly what the Lakers brass was hoping for.

If they weren’t actively looking for a reason to fire Head Coach Mike Brown, he would still be receiving death glares from Kobe Bryant. No, the slow start actually plays right into owner Jerry Buss’ hands. After last season’s post-season exit, they had already given up hope for a ring under Brown.

Instead, Phil Jackson now looks like he will be once again return to the helm of the purple and gold throne in LA. While this was largely predictable, the question is, why now, why not in the off-season?

That’s simple- how do you fire a coach who held a .621 winning percentage after his first organization? It would have been a PR nightmare for the Lakers organization. Instead, they can now claim that Brown wasn’t sufficiently meshing the abundance of talent in LA and it was due to his Princeton offense.

Now Jackson will swoop in and save the day with his zen attitude and triangle offense that has produced eleven championships over the last 20 years.

But is the failure of the Lakers really associated with Brown or are the problems rooted deeper in the way this team has been assembled?

That’s up for debate- let me know in the comment section below whether you believe Brown should have been fired and whether Jackson should return to the bench in Los Angeles.

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