Bears-Chargers: Halftime Report

The right side of the line passed the eye test, as did Brandon Marshall’s hip and the Bears put up 14 points with their first unit despite two turnovers by Jay Cutler. On the flip side, all five of Cutler’s attempts were directed at Marshall, including an interception on a forced ball on a post route in front of the end zone. With weapons Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus Bennett, the thought was that Cutler would have possibilities to choose from. It was nice to see the explosiveness of Matt Forte on his 58- yard scamper.

Luckily for the Bears, Phillip Rivers was his usual generous self against the NFL’s best takeaway defense and they were able to capitalize on the opportunities. The defense was fantastic with contributions on the D line with Corey Wootton and Nate Collins coming up with sacks, Shea McClellin forcing a Rivers fumble, and Chris Conte scooping an interception from touching the turf.

Now with the second and third stringers heading in, we’ll be able to monitor the previously mentioned battles, providing some sort of excitement in the second half.

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