Maziel Readying, Favre Returning, Peyton fading

  • What a weekend it was in the NFL. Plenty of playoff implications twisted and story-lines created after several top teams left the field Sunday in utter disappointment. None more so than the Cleveland Browns, who, in spite Brian Hoyer’s best efforts, were actually beating the league’s top scoring team in Indianapolis for the first 59 minutes. This on the heels of a Johnny Manziel siting a week earlier and reports throughout the week that Hoyer’s job was his to lose… for the time being. Except Andrew Luck did his Andrew Luck things by conducting a masterful drive to take the lead with less than a minute left… And, of course, Manziel had to do his Manziel things…. and now we have a great win by the Colts and a tough loss by the Browns overshadowed by Johnny “I would’ve f***ing hit him” Football. Now I’m not an NFL scout, I don’t pretend to know what’s best for each team but what I can tell you is this: with a 7-6 record, the Browns hold the short end of the stick in the surprisingly strong AFC North. Currently sitting in the cellar with slim to none playoff chances, Cleveland has a ticket to attention in Manziel. With LeBron in town with the Cavs, the Browns need to retain as much of the spotlight into December as they can and the only way to do that is to insert Mr. Football. As for the experts, even legendary NFL scout Gil Brandt believe Manziel should start this week.

  • The gunslinger of all gunslingers touched down in Green Bay today and it wasn’t Aaron Rodgers. Brett Favre return to the land of cheese this afternoon with Bart Starr and there are several reports that he will NOT make an appearance at the Packers game tonight:

Not sure exactly Favre plans on doing but it would seem awfully strange to be in Green Bay on the night of a big Monday Night game and not be looking on from a suite inside Lambeau. Then again, this is Brett Favre we’re talking about… (insert retirement/racy pic/jean commercial joke here).

  • Peyton Manning threw not one, not two, not three touchdown passes yesterday… he threw… none. First time in 51 games he came up with a goose egg in that department and it makes me wonder if the recent string of lackluster performances is either a sign of wear on his arm or a shift in offense philosophy to prevent what happened a season ago in the Super Bowl. The Broncos backfield continues to thrive when anyone but Montee Ball has the ball and it’s working. In three of his last four games Manning has essentially turned himself into Kyle Orton and aside from a vintage-Peyton performance again Miami, he has been a game manager, leaning on the rush and a very stingy defense. However, in all honesty, I have no doubt in my mind this is simply a measure being taken by John Fox and Peyton to give opposing teams more tape to look at and more facets to prepare for. If and when the Broncos need Manning to go bonkers, he’ll certainly be ready to step it up.
  • Quick three and out:
  1. Jeff Fisher is the man, trolling the crap out of Washington and RGIII.
  2. Speaking of Washington, the hits keep on coming, this time from the retired and immeasurably respected linebacker London Fletcher on the subject of Jim Haslett’s inferiority. Wowwaweewa… gotta love the candid remarks.
  3. Refs fist bumping, Bills head shake.

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