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JackmanSports reader,

Thank you for visiting Jackman Sports. My name is Kevin Jackman and I am a sports broadcaster, journalist, and avid fan. I love the Cubs, Bears and Bulls and promise not to hate too much on the White Sox. This site is designed to give readers a unique perspective on the world of sports. Each day, myself, and various guest writers, will be giving you headlines and analysis on the subjects that matter most.

We have pre-season baseball predictions for all six divisions that can be found under the baseball tab above. For those of you who are fantasy sports fanatics, there is a top-50 fantasy baseball guide, as well as some helpful fantasy tips that will be on their way throughout the season.In addition, if there is an NFL season next year, you can look forward to a 2011-2012 fantasy football guide. In the Chicago Sports Section, there are stories on the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs and White Sox, depending on the daily headlines. Along with the major Chicago teams, there is also a page dedicated to purely North Central Athletics for all you Cardinal fans.

Please explore each page and feel free to leave a reply, subscribe and receive e-mails when new posts are released or send us an e-mail with any questions you have at k.jman@yahoo.com

Thank you again,

Kevin Jackman

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