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Who will win this year’s biggest soccer match? Andy Dunk will tell you.

Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat loook like they now have the upper-hand

 Jake Peavy is just one of my seven low risk, high reward players, found out the other six here.

 Joakim Noah and the Chicago Bulls now face a tough task winning in Miami after their Game Two loss.

NHL Final Four By Andy Dunk

 The NHL Playoffs are down to the Final Four- Who comes away with the Stanley Cup? 

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Jackman Sports Writers
Kevin is the creator of Jackman Sports and writes articles in each of the sports you see above. He is a journalist and sports announcer with five years of experience and has held the title of Sports Director at two top non-profit radio stations in the Chicago-land area. He has been nominated for several awards, including best sports talk show and best play-by-play. Kevin is currently working for WONC FM89.
Bob is one of our top best baseball writers and helped out on all of the pre-season predictions. He is also annually one of the top contenders in the Jackman Sports Fantasy Baseball and Football leagues. Look for Mr. Mette in baseball articles over the course of the upcoming season as well as in the football section in the fall. You can also find him hanging around Wrigley Field over the summer and Soldier Field during the winter.
Timmy is a talented writer and has begun contributing in our basketball department here at Jackman Sports. His opening piece (Is the Spurs’ Miracle Season Over?) is already one of the most read articles in site history. Tim is a participant in all of the Jackman Sports Fantasy leagues and always seems to find himself atop the standings come season’s end. Tim has also previously been a Sports Director for a radio station.
Lucky for Jackman Sports, we found someone with interests in both hockey and writing. Andy will primarily be covering the NHL during the upcoming playoffs, but don’t be surprised to find a baseball article under his name as well. Dunker is also in the Jackman Sports Fantasy Baseball league for the first time this season. Andy is currently Sports Director at his respective radio station in Chicago.
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